Talking of food, Five Guys was not what it was hyped up to be. It was nice but didn’t justify the price. I’d actually rather go Nandos.

The sleeping bag?

It flared up before I started using it, though I blitzed it in the washing machine today just in case.

Doctor said it looks food related but I eat the same old shit at the mo :/

Been having a mad allergic reaction for the past couple of days but I can’t work out what it is that’s causing it. This shit better be gone by monday.

Like I need to be any more anxious about seeing my dad tomorrow - I’m now gunna be meeting my half brother and half sister for the first time as well….

I’m going to Five Guys in the bullring later for the first time, BUZZING

I wanna take this phone holding music that Bristol council have got and stick a donk on it. It would make a quality banger I reckon.


I don’t think this person understands acronyms

Carlos Estévez (Cuba, born 1969 in Havana)

The Contortionist

Four years ago, I came home from the pub and was sick all over my bed in my sleep. We had to throw away the mattress and everything, and for the week running up to me moving down to Bristol for uni, I had to sleep in a sleeping bag.

Today, I spilled beans on toast and a mug of coffee all over my bed. We’ve had to throw away the quilt and pillows and for the next few days until I move down to Bristol to start my new job, I have to sleep in a sleeping bag.

Hopefully this is a sign that the next 4 years are going to be some of the best of my life, just like the previous 4 were.



Totti gets his first goal in England. 

One of my favourite childhood stars still taking names.