I can’t tell if this is a 2 day hangover or ebola

Throwing away something like 75% of my clothes over the summer to learn to live with less has been completely in vain as it has all been replaced with shirts and trousers. 


James Turrell, Roden Crater. Bronze stairs leading from inside the crater to the summit. Photo by Ed Krupp.

First time I wrote that, I spelt the name as ‘Fred Dubnah’ and I think I’ve just found my new DJ name

Fred Dibnah: ultimate roadman


Eugene Jansson’s Riddarfjarden, Stockholm (via A Day In The Life of Erin Bennett)

Big Pun Forever.

snowwbrigade replied to your post “There was a weird moment yesterday with the half brother when he was…”

If it makes you feel better, most sibling moments are shit like that. Me and my brother bond over how fast out eyebrows grow.

The facial hair sibling bond seems fairly common then!